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Express Gel Manicure

30mins: £24

Includes detailed cuticle work and application of The Gel Bottle INC Polish


Express Gel Pedicure

30mins: £23

Includes detailed cuticle work, hand and arm exfoliation, massage and application of The Gel Bottle INC Polish

Signature Gel Manicure

45mins: £28

Includes detailed cuticle work, hand and arm exfoliation, massage and application of The Gel Bottle INC polish

ELIM Mediheel

Elim is an advanced medical grade pedicure treatment which uses state-of-the-art ingredients to remove hard skin, cracked heels and calluses from the feet whilst offering the relaxation of your usual pedicure. Mediheel is a fully restorative therapy for compromised feet and is so effective that you will see results after just one treatment. It's like a full facial for the feet and the perfect pedicure treatment for keeping your feet fit and healthy.

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Soak off Removal 

30mins: £10

Proper soak-off, wrap technique for safe and effective removal of Gel Polish. Prepares nails for your next desired service. No charge for removal if re-applying Gel Polish




ELIM Mediheel Pedicure

With Gel Polish - 75mins: £43

Without Polish - 60mins: £36

The pedicure starts by applying the Elim tonic to the patches of hard skin. This works to break down the hard skin and once removed the skin can be scraped off easily. The feet are then treated with an exfoliator which improves the overall look and feeling of the feet. We then file the nails and do cuticle work. The feet are then placed in a foot soak containing the spa additive. This is used to hydrate, sanitise and soften the feet, while a eucalyptus and rosemary infusion helps to boost circulation. We then massage the feet with the foot perfector that brightens and softens the feet, smoothing over fine lines. Vitamins A,B5, C and E nourish the feet while the unique gel-powder helps lock in moisture ensuring a flawless finish and keeping the moisture in your feet for longer after your pedicure. We finish with a rejuvenating gold spritz to leave you with a shimmer.

Full Set Pink Acrylic Extensions: £36

Full Set Acrylic Nails with The Gel Bottle INC Polish £39

Full Set Ombré Acrylic: £40

Infill/Backfill: £26

Infill/Backfill with The Gel Bottle INC Polish: £29

Single Nail: £4

Nail Art: from £1.50 Per Nail


Builder In A Bottle™ is a SOAK OFF builder gel ideal for creating strong overlays and as a strengthening barrier for natural nails. No chipping or lifting, which helps grow natural nails. Can be infilled or soaked off.

BIAB Natural Overlay: £29

BIAB Natural Overlay with Gel Polish: £34

BIAB Infills: £24

BIAB Infills with Gel Polish: £29

Removal of Acrylics/BIAB: £25

(Including mini manicure)


Please Note

If you have 5 or more breakages, you will be charged for a full set.

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