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Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent individual lashes are applied to the natural lashes to create extension & volume. A re-visit is required every 1-3 week to maintain and look after your own lashes


Full Set Classic Lashes:105mins £50

Full Set Flat Lashes: 105mins £55

Full Set Hybrid Lashes: 105mins £60

Lash fill 1-2 weeks 30mins £20

Lash fill 2-3 weeks 45mins £25/£30


After 3 weeks the full price will be charged

LVL Lashes


The stunning alternative to eyelash extensions! No adhesive or lash extensions used and no mascara needed! LVL Lashes uses a silicon shield to lift the eyelashes from the roots. This leading gel formulation is a great stand alone treatment, or can be added on to run alongside your lash extension treatments for double the flutter power!


LVL Lashes 

60mins £45


LVL Lashes no tint

45mins £40


*PATCH TEST required at least 48 hours before treatment





Eyebrow Tint £6

Eyelash Tint £10

Eyelash and eyebrow Tint £15


*PATCH TEST required at least 48 hours before treatment

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Artificial Lashes